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Cushions and Pocket Cushions

If you're trying to encourage your children to read books check out our handmade personalised pocket reading cushions. 


They feature gorgeous machine embroidery designs with a generous sized pocket to store their favourite book so it doesn't get misplaced or lost!


Whether your child likes dinosaurs or unicorns these personalised cushions are fab accessories for their bedrooms

For teenage sons (and daughters!) check out our personalised gaming cushion, it features two pockets - one for a phone and the other for the controller

If you fancy updating your cushions in general we have a selection of cushions with unique designs 


OMG this is amazing. Perfect match for her bedroom.  Thank you so much

M Jane


I bought this for a Christmas present.  I love the game over embroidery design. It's perfect for my friend's son 

D Gadsden

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