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Photostitch Canvas

Welcome to our photostitch page

What is photostitch?  

The photostitch technique is more like sketches making the designs realistic, rather than embroidery.


Multi-coloured photo-stitch designs use very densely placed stitches, often overlapping each other, which is why this technique is often used when digitizing works of art.


The design is stitched in layers using colours in a particular order, layer after layer, and go from the lightest to the darkest. That is why it's very important to follow the order of colours.  

The only downside to this type of embroidery is that some designs take hours to stitch out, as an example the warrior design took just over 5 hours to stitch out!  We were surprised our embroidery machine didn't give up on us!

Embroidered Samurai Warrior

We're excited to be showcasing our Samurai warrior canvas!  How stunning is this design?

This is a machine embroidery design and not a painting.


There is only one of these available and this machine embroidery design is exclusive to My Sewing Shack.

This design took over five hours to stitch out! Several shades of greys were used to stitch out this amazing design which brings it to life.

The samurai design measures 19cm x 29cm (7.5 inches x 11.5 inches).  We have used black faux leather to frame the samurai design.


The canvas measures 30cm x 40cm (12 inches x 16 inches)

Embroidered Leopard Canvas

How stunning is this design? Just look at those eyes!

If you love your big cats then this canvas would make a lovely addition to your home.

The design has been machine embroidered on cream faux leather using 7 different shades of browns.


The design took over 4 hours to stitch out!

This design is best viewed from a distance as the design has been created with depth.

We have used black faux leather to frame the leopard design.  The design measures 19cm x 27cm (7.5 inches x 10.6 inches). The width of the black faux leather at the sides measures 7cm and the top and bottom measures 6cm.  The canvas itself measures 30cm x 40cm (12 inches x 16 inches).

The black faux leather enhances the design

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