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Do you upcycle jeans?

Do you like to be creative with old jeans. Who else upcycles old jeans? There are so many things you can make with old jeans.

My eldest son had a clear out of his jeans that he no longer wore and I decided to make use of them and do some upcycling.

The first project I did with the old jeans was this crossbody bag, I added a dreamcatcher embroidery design, some beads, satin ribbons and this is the result!

I was so pleased with how it turned out that his inspired me to create more of these bags. I didn't want to have any two bags the same so I checked my stash of embroidery designs that I thought would look great on denim and these are what I have come up with so far.

This one is my western feathers. I liked the idea of blue feathers and I had some round brass buttons that were perfect for this bag.

This is the second western design I stitched out using the same colours and brass buttons.

I love how these two bags turned out.

I have more designs and bags in the pipeline and will be showcasing these very soon.

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