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Do you like behind the scenes videos?

I've been quiet for a few months due to me trapping a nerve in my lower back!

I simply bent down to pick up my shoes and couldn't move! Long story short I've been resting for a few weeks hoping that I will be mobile again shortly.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some behind the scenes time lapse videos.

The video below is of a design which I will be making into a cushion and I will be adding this to my website very soon.

We all know that bees are very important to us as without them we would not be able to survive!

This next time lapse video is a realistic design. Want to know what it is? No hints I'm afraid you need to watch the short video to see the design come to life!

How amazing is this design?

I will be making this design into a canvas similar to the Samurai Warrior and Leopard canvases I created.

I hope you've enjoyed watching these short behind the scenes videos.

I hope you have an enjoyable July.

My next blog post will be in August.


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