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Can't wait for this year to be over and done with?

Who's had enough of this year? Yes, me too! So let's make Christmas special this year. Eat the food you want to, drink what you want to, stay in your PJ's all day, have pancakes for breakfast. Let's have fun in November and December and go out with a bang this year.

As this is a year we will never forget, I've made these deep red velvet Christmas baubles as a keepsake. They can be hung on the tree and I'm sure will be talking point and when you get the Christmas decorations out in years to come you will remember 2020!

If you're looking for Christmas stocking fillers, check out my mug rugs which is another term for coasters. I have made these using foam with some cute machine embroidery designs. As men can be difficult to buy for I have focussed my designs on them. I can also personalise the mug rugs. These are great for desks whether you work from home or in an office. Why not check them out under my Miscellaneous page.

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