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Do you own a Sphynx Cat?

Sphynx - furless cats. To some people they are so ugly but let's think about this for one second. If other cat breeds were furless they would look ugly too and if Sphynx cats had fur they would look really cute.

On the upside of having a furless cat there is no cat fur anywhere! Cats shed their fur so much and it seems to get everywhere! no amount of cleaning will completely get rid of it.

For those who are allergic to fur and want cats as pets then this breed is ideal. To keep them warm their owners have cute little knitted or crocheted coats for them with sleeves for their legs. They look amazingly cute! Until recently I never knew this was a thing!

One of my customers asked if I could do personalised cat blankets for two Sphynx cats. Of course, I was delighted to have been asked.

These are what I came up with. Not only personalised but they also feature a Sphynx cat head design.

The blankets are soft and fluffy and a good size measuring 90cm x 75 cm which makes them ideal for cats to snuggly into and be nice and cozy.

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